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December 22, 2021 By Integra Apparels Off

Eco-Friendly Apparels

Sustainable fashion is a term describing efforts within the fashion industry to reduce its environmental impacts, protect workers producing garments, and uphold animal welfare. Sustainable clothing materials refer to fabric that comes from eco-friendly resources, like sustainably grown fibre crops or recycled materials. How the fabrics are manufactured also determines just how sustainable they are.

Natural fibers like organic cotton, Merino wool, hemp, and bamboo are preferable over synthetic counterparts like polyester and nylon, although recycled synthetics are also frequently used in eco-friendly clothing. Eco-fashion simply refers to manufacturing clothes while considering the environmental impact, as well as the health of consumers and the working conditions of labourers. Take a look at some of the defining characteristics of ecological clothing: Made from organic raw materials.

Integra is the certified Sustainable Clothing Manufacturers and Supplier in Bangladesh. Offers high-quality end-to-end Ethical garment manufacturing services.