Integra Apparels
December 22, 2021 By Integra Apparels Off

Bangladesh Garments Manufacturer

Bangladesh-their excellence has grown and made our export business and garment trade very strong in the world economy. There are almost 7000 Ready-made garments industries in Bangladesh. For instance, brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Gap, Calvin Klein, and H&M have taken advantage of Bangladesh’s manufacturing capabilities. They have either set up their own production units or collaborated with established factories to ensure that their luxury products maintain the highest standards of quality.

Integra factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh offer you top quality and professionally  made clothes for the affordable price and using the most advanced and latest technology.

Integra an acclaimed apparel manufacturer, produces a diverse range of garments known for exceptional prices, innovative designs, and value addition .

We value our commitments for on time delivery, quality and sustainability. We can assist customer creating fits and design for garments. We offer choices of fabrication, wide range of accessories and different packaging method: flat pack, boxed pack, hanging garments, etc.